Geopolitics of panafricanism is about the between us before, beyond and after the world affairs

In this interview, I tried to dismantle misleading mass and/or social media analysis that point with one finger in the sky to hide what the other hand is seizing in your back. The only realistic solution for Africans at home and abroad is to be found in Pan-Africanism, meaning Garveyism in the diaspora and Cabralism in Africa.

Garveyism means restoring structural self-confidence of black peoples in face of sistemic racism because what we achieve or fail in this world may be more determined by the surrounding influences driving us toward a sterile resentment than by our own skills and works.

Cabralism means a commitment to cultural revolution in an equal political maturity of all the peoples, a deliberate class suicide with a degree of realism because a house is not built on the roof but with a foundation, and at last, a lot of truth and understanding not to be innoculated with the cancer of betrayal.

Don’t Agonize, Organize.

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