Bandung. Chronicle of a world in decolonization

Available in bookstores next month thanks to a new edition translated by Éditions Syllepse with a preface that I had the honor and the pleasure of writing, the report of the African-American writer Richard Wright on the Bandung conference – perhaps the most important conference of the twentieth century – is de facto one of the most important books for understanding the sources of Western hysteria around RELIGIONS (especially Islam), IDEOLOGIES (communism, nationalism … .), IDENTITIES and DEMOGRAPHY of African, Asian and Arab peoples.

Bandung introduces all the equations of contemporary international relations by also including what the Nigerian historian Toyin Falola presented as the three poisoned gifts bequeathed to Africans, namely the burden of the nation-state, capitalism which is a failure and democracy. liberal which is a sham. It was by turning their backs on Bandung that many leaders of the “countries of the South” followed policies which were presented to them in words they wanted to hear but of which they had limited understanding. 


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