Initiated in Lomé in 2009, the Arctivism event cycles in which I have participated five times offer a program combining Arts and activism.

Created in 2015 by Victoria Ahoueli, HIDAYA is a popular education association which benefited from the outset of my support for the design and animation of learning devices and workshops around the history of Africa and the diasporas. In collaboration with HIDAYA and the Youth Network for African Integration (RJIA), I participated in the scientific and cultural animation of the African Integration Trip (VIA) which brought together seventy young people from Africa. ‘West and the diaspora in Ghana in the summer of 2017. In July 2019, I accompanied the class that had followed the theoretical courses during the year in France to go to the Republic of Guinea to concretely apply the teaching received around the theme of “Transforming the agricultural sector in Africa”

In five years, I have produced dozens of courses and materials on the following themes that can be adapted to a school audience, activist or professional:

  • General history of Africa
  • African independence
  • Pan-African theories and experiences
  • Theories of liberation and African unity
  • The countries and characters (Algeria, Guinea, Haiti, Nigeria, Fela Kuti …)
  • African history of agriculture

Created by Gédéon Prégnon Okrou in 2018, the African Policy School benefited from my scientific contribution as a principal professor. In addition to the desire to provide learners with the best African teachers available in each field, the objective is to train managers, decision-makers, activists and operational African citizens to respond to the issues as well as the political challenges that arise. to Africa. The philosophy of my teaching is critical, scientific and pan-Africanist. In addition to support for personalized projects, the topics of the courses given at different levels are as follows:

  • Political systems and organizations in Africa from yesterday to today (history)
  • Pan-Africanism and international relations (geopolitics)
  • Governing Africa and the Diasporas (Political Science)
  • Pan-African cultural ecologies (letters, arts, human and social sciences)
  • Françafrique and France d’Outre-Mer (geostrategy)
Ai international

Roots Workshops

Initiated by the Afrocentricity International France Association, this program of fun and educational activities aims to nurture the cultural esteem of young people in the African diaspora who seek to discover their history and their culture in an appropriate setting. Animating workshops or courses for young people is necessary to give birth to vocations. My pan-African general culture course consists of an introduction to history, geopolitics and international relations so that young people can better orient themselves and read the news around them according to their concerns and needs.

As part of its actions for the promotion and enhancement of historical, cultural, political and sociological facts of African and Afro-descendant communities, the Quilombo association invited Amzat Boukari-Yabara to speak at a conference in the universities of Paris VIIII and Paris X on several themes including the following:

  • Paris, New York, Cape Town, Kingston, Dakar, Algiers: 1968 Pan-African year (University Paris 8, 05/09/2018)
  • 68 an Afro year (University Paris X – Nanterre, 16/10/2018)
  • Resistances and Black Consciousness in Brazil (Paris X-Nanterre University, 11/20/2018)
  • Black and indigenous forces in the Great War (University Paris X – Nanterre, 11/28/2018)
  • Haiti. The revolution that defeated Napoleon (Paris X University – Nanterre, 01/24/2019)
  • Huey Newton. Revolutionary suicide (Paris X University – Nanterre, 02/18/2019)

Diaspora Solidaire Participative (DSP-Africa)

Founded with the aim of creating a solidary partnership between its members and the socio-economic actors of African countries, in particular by allowing the transfer in Africa of the know-how of DSP members through training and / or immersion, in Responding to the training needs of African socio-economic actors and relying on the know-how of a united and participatory diaspora, the DSP organized a cycle of conferences to imbue its members and its audience with pan-African ideas.

  • Pan-Africanism, from idea to action (01/24/2015)
  • African empires from the 8th to the 17th century (06/27/2015)
  • Slavery and resistance in Africa and the Diaspora (03/10/2015)
  • The African colonial circle (1870 to 1960). Systems, actors and resistance (01/30/2016)
  • Pan-Africanism from yesterday to today (04/30/2016)
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Pan-African group engaged in Belgium, the CMCLD asked Amzat Boukari-Yabara as a speaker on the History of pre-colonial, colonial, post-colonial and Pan-Africanist Africa for several three-hour sessions at the Bozar in partnership with the Royal Museum for Central Africa. and Change Asbl. The training conferences but also political lobbying allowed to explore the following themes:

  1. The role of the diaspora in the liberation of the continent (Bozar, Brussels, 26/09/2015)
  2. Kwame Nkrumah and African unity (Bozar, Brussels, 23/04/2016)
  3. The CFA franc and the Euro against Africa (CMCLD / Change Asbl, Bozar, Brussels, 07/09/2016)
  4. Joseph Ki-Zerbo and Pan-African Education. To educate or perish (Bozar, Brussels, 06/05/2017)
  5. Cameroonian presidential elections (CMCLD / LP-U, Université libre de Bruxelles, 10/27/2018)
  6. The pan-African and universal dimensions of Lumumba (South Clock, Ixelles, 01/17/2020)