Afghanistan is a supernova of imperialism

Wars have their cemetery in history, just as the stars have theirs in space, where they continue to shine long after their death.

In addition to fabricating impunity from the gratification of violence and the need to forget in order to live, the starry ruse of imperialism consists in passing off its meteor-arrival as a “humanitarian” relief and its incandescent defeat. for even more secure blackmail. Until the end of his life cycle which can last a long time after his death.

When I see the Afghans getting on the American plane which takes off and then falls from the sky, I understand why, last month, some individuals launched themselves with media dubbing into the utopia of becoming the first refugee-settlers on the planet Mars. .
A solution to this galactic imperialism, to the civilizational problems of this everywhere crumbling world, can probably be found in part in Dogon culture, hence the importance of understanding what binds Afghanistan to Mali in terms of issues. I won’t say more.


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