At the gates of Europe, an Arab and Muslim world is unfolding in full transformation since 2011, the year of the “Arab Spring”. This book invites you to (re) discover Nigeria through its history, its society, its politics, its economy, its culture.

History, society, politics, economy, religion and culture … The key book to understand the news of NIGERIA.

Fruit of an artificial standardization of British colonization, an independent state since 1960, Nigeria occupies a geostrategic position in Africa. The most populous country on the continent, rich in oil and natural gas but with a fragile economy, an important military force but affected by terrorism, Nigeria is plagued by internal strife and political instability, in particular because of the sect. fundamentalist Boko Haram (literally “Western education is a sin”) which challenges the legitimacy of the federal state.

A country of contrasts, also at the level of the distribution of resources, Nigeria could nevertheless become the first economy of the African continent and an important international interlocutor if it manages to meet a challenge: to develop its territory in order to guarantee the well-being of the continent. all populations.


Editions De Boeck Supérieur

Collection director: Mathieu Guidère

Publication date: October 2013